Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deadlift Progress Video

I haven't posted anything in a while - those long distance running posts made me tired!  (See what I did there?)  Seriously though, I was mentally exhausted and that soon became physical as well.  I've been under the weather for several days, and just not fully functioning.  I seem to be back at it today, and pulled this 460x3 to proved it (video below).

A 460x3 Deadlift at a bodyweight of about 240 is not really impressive for a serious lifter, but considering that I couldn't DL for 6 months, and had to start back again at about 275 in November, this is some good progress.

More content coming soon!  DL video below.   The best part is that the bar settled right between 2 rubber squares of the gym floor (oh how I’d love to have a good platform!), and I had to move it.  I didn’t realize the video was already recording, so you can hear my talented videographer, annoyed, say “Ya, I’ve been recording this entire time.” 

Looks like my bar placement relative to mid-foot could have been a bit better, and my chest squeeze-ups/isometric back extensions a bit stronger, but nothing glaringly bad about my form in these reps.


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